FOR Club Walks to Wake the Silence

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During the month of April, members of F.O.R. Club were given the opportunity to do a service project.  Any student who chose to, could take a pledge form and raise money for the JD Foundation’s Walk to Wake the Silence 5K.  ​”The JD Foundation (JDF) was founded by a mother who lost her son to suicide. JDF believes that depression and mental illness is treatable and no family should have to lose a loved one over lack of education. The JD Foundation focuses on Education and Training, Raising Awareness, Grief Support, and Giving Appropriate Resources to those in Crisis and their family members.” (

24 members of F.O.R. club raised $1,150 to donate to the JD Foundation, and 20 students and their two advisers, Mrs. Call and Mrs. Cook, took a bus to Dover-Foxcroft on Saturday, May 4, 2019 to participate in the 5K. The event had numerous tables that had information on suicide and mental health awareness.  Students mingled with the people there, telling many of them about their club and what it does. They were the largest group of young people attending the event and were treated like stars. There was a prize for the school that raised the most amount of money. A young man from Sedomocha raised the most, ($1400). He was so inspired by the turnout from CMS and what the F.O.R. group is all about, that he donated the money to the CMS F.O.R. Club.

It was a great experience for our F.O.R. Club members. Many of them were deeply moved by the experience, and they all said that it bonded them more as a group.


JDF Walk May 2019